2020-2022 Strategic Plan
Our Vision
Discover, preserve, and share genealogical information for future generations.
Our Mission
Utilize, demonstrate, and provide access to traditional and evolving resources and research methods for a diverse audience of varied ages, gender, and ethnicities.
Our Goals
Promote genealogy.
Preserve and share records.
Engage members.
Educate and inform members and non-members.
Our Strategies
Promote genealogy
      Continue use of social media.
      Review website often and ensure it meets member needs.
      Track governmental actions that might further limit access to vital records.
      Widely publicize and share LLCGS programs and activities.
      Promote membership in LLCGS.
Preserve records
      Continue digitizing Lancaster County records and make them readily available.
      Archive digital versions of books and periodicals.
      Promote the LLCGS Library.
Engage members
      Reach out to less active members.
      Encourage member participation in programming.
      Promote volunteering.
Educate and inform members and non-members
      Deliver quality programs.
      Provide special interest and small group sessions.
      Conduct an annual conference.
Communicate through a variety of methods to inform members and non-members of local, state, regional, national, and international learning opportunities.
Encourage attendance at and share information from local, state, national, and international organizations.