Thursday, February 18, 2016
Postcards and Genealogy 
7:00 pm
First Lutheran Church, 1551 S 70th St., Lincoln
Joan Shurtliff did a session on a Sunday related to Post Cards that drew attention to an interest by many LLCGS members in not only collecting postcards of interest, but also seeking postcards related to locations and events in our family heritage. The education committee recommended bringing this program to a monthly meeting with some expanded features so that anyone could find a reason to attend and learn. Joan will present a brief general overview related to postcards and genealogy. Then we will have a time for folks to share their collections and explain why they have chosen the cards they have. We will also share ideas about internet sites to use when searching for postcards, compile a list of post cards people are seeking and facilitate options for sharing post card scenes.
Gather some of your samples of postcards you have or would like to have (remember postcards were not readily available until about 1906) and join us. If you know of a non member who is also fascinated with this topic, please invite them.


Thursday, February 18, 2016
Will Brown: A Lynching, a Lost Identity, and Urban Unrest in Omaha, 1919
12 noon
City County Building, Room 303, 555 South 10th St., Lincoln, NE
February is Black History Month. Join the NSHS on the third Thursday of the month for a presentation by Barbara Hewins-Maroney on Will Brown and Urban Unrest in 1919 Omaha. 

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Upcoming Events
Wednesday, Feb. 10th
Family Tree Maker Interest Group
Bring your portable devices with Family Tree Maker software or come with your questions related to using FTM and we'll provide group support in a "hands on" setting.Bob McQuistan will lead this session and the following ones scheduled at Scooters on Wednesdays.If you would like assistance with a particular feature ...
Friday, Feb. 12th
Writer's Group Time Travelers
This  group provides an encouraging and supportive atmosphere to practice, develop, and share writing skills. Facilitated by Ruth Briney. Contact Ruth at for additional information.  Group meets twice monthly.  
Friday, Feb. 12th
Using Historic Maps in Genealogy
We will be following up on Lisa Louise Cooke's video session on Historic Maps with a hands-on time to practice using maps for genealogy. Please bring your laptop/computer to the session. You will still be able to learn and apply great techniqes related to including historic maps  and current maps in your ...
Sunday, Feb. 14th
Microsoft Word for Genealogists
This is a return of the requested "Get 'er Done" series.  With this "hands on workshop" participants will learn how to create an ancestor's biographical sketch using Microsoft Word.   Bring your laptop and follow along with Phyllis Ericson.  You will: learn how to create and save a document. add text and ...
Tuesday, Feb. 16th
Preserve Your Work - Backup Your Data
What would happen if your computer crashed today?  Would your genealogy research be safe, or would it be lost forever?  We will discuss various methods available to back-up your data and you’re your months and years of research safe.
Wednesday, Feb. 17th
Third Wednesday Discussion Group
  D​iscussion groups can be immediate sources of assistance with our brick walls, can inspire us to keep going and can interest in new techniques and approaches.....and they are free! Join this helpful group hosted by Mary Lou Andersen.  For more information contact Mary Lou at   ...