Welcome to the Lincoln-Lancaster County Genealogical Society where our mission is Preserving the Past for Future Generations. The LLCGS was founded by 4 friends in 1975 over donuts and coffee. We are a volunteer-run organization dedicated to promoting genealogy, engaging members, and preserving records. Whether you have Lancaster County connections or not, we invite you to join us in exploring your family history.

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Upcoming Events
Wednesday, Sep. 4th
Discover Your Family HIstory Course
"Discover Your Family History"  6-week Genealogy course offered by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). Tracing your family history is like a search for pieces of a puzzle. These classes will offer insights into where to look and how to fit the puzzle pieces together.   You will learn how to ...
Sunday, Sep. 15th
Sunday with a Genealogist
Help Sunday: Attend this session to get help or to help others. We welcome everyone from beginners to experts. Please bring your electronic devices. If you are coming for help, please bring your family tree information for the branch for which you are seeking help. These sessions are free and open to ...
Monday, Sep. 16th
DNA - Clues to Your Heritage
Presented by Phyllis Ericson, Past President of Norden Club and Lincoln-Lancaster County Genealogical Society.   DNA - Clues to Your Heritage Over 1000 years ago, the Vikings were a dominant force in the world. Were they our ancestors? Did you inherit Viking DNA? In this program, we’ll Discover what DNA is and ...
Thursday, Sep. 19th
September Business Meeting
Please attend our monthly business meeting and the following program.    Camp Creek Threshers: Not for everyone, but you'd be surprised at what we are all about!   LLCGS member Peggy Brown and her sister, Pat Yahnke of Waverly will explain the Camp Creek Threshers organization and their goal to preserve ...
Sunday, Sep. 22nd
Nebraska Interest Group
Joan McKay will join us to talk about her Nebraska jaunts.  She was featured on Lance’s Journal in June 2018 and has made exploring small-town Nebraska into a great adventure for herself and has the documentation to prove it! Participate with the Nebraska Interest Group led by Nancy Eckles and ...
Monday, Sep. 23rd
British Isles Seminars
Learn how to find your ancestors in British Isles records. Join on-line with patrons attending the Family History Library week of genealogy topics on British Isles research. Remember to add an hour to adjust for Mountain Time on the schedule. The Schedule is attached to download below for easy printing and ...