Society Projects

Ongoing Projects
Project Description Leader Status
Obituaries Indexing 1990 and 1991 obituaries (not available online.) Cindy Cochran, Gary Salmon Ongoing
Shared Photos Members share historical and ancestral photos. Susie Dunn Ongoing
Probate Records
Scanning probate records. Linda Conroy Temp Ceased
LLCGS Records Scanning all the society's library records for cloud storage. Linda Conroy Ongoing
Marriage Ledgers 
Scan marriage ledgers. Vol 1-98 (52,000 images) complete. Al Harlow Finishing
Completed Projects
Project Description Leader Status
(Information capture)
Indexing and photographing of original documents.
We currently need people to proof data related to photos from books 9-14. 
Teresa Sulivan/ Sharon Shelley Complete
(Make available on the website)
Scan, OCR, programmatically realign data and import into a searchable database for the website.
Al Harlow Complete