LLCGS has many opportunities for our members and non-members to participate in our mission. We have a variety of committees where the skills and strengths of people can make a difference. This is a great way to be a part of LLCGS and let your skills and abilities shine!
Audit: Kay Softley
The Audit Committee conducts a formal examination or verification of the society’s financial records. 
Awards: As Needed
The Awards Committee is responsible for selecting candidates for all Society awards. 
Bylaws: George Woolstrum
The Bylaws Committee is responsible for making changes to the society's Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Policy and Procedure Manual so they meet the needs of the society.
Programs and Education: John LaDuke
The Programs and Education Committee is responsible for planning and hosting monthly meeting programs and providing other educational and training activities for society members and the public.
Library: Cindy Cochran
The Library Committee is responsible for organization and operation of the society library.
Membership: Linda Conroy
The Membership Committee is responsible for maintaining membership records, recruiting new members, and retaining current members.
Nominating: As Needed
Projects: Linda Conroy
The Projects Committee, together with the IT Manager, is responsible for planning, obtaining approval, and completion of document preservation and other society projects.
Publicity: Linda Conroy
The Publicity Committee is responsible for the timely publicity of the society and society events.
Website: Al Harlow
The Website Committee is responsible for the functional operation and timely revisions of the society website.
The following are the General Committee Guidelines taken from the LLCGS Policy and Procedure Manual.
Each committee chair is urged to be familiar with these general committee guidelines and with the specific
guidelines for his/her committee.
12.01 Membership of Committees
Unless otherwise specifically stated in individual committee guidelines, committee membership is 
determined as follows:
a. The chair is appointed by the president.
b. An appropriate number of committee members are selected by the committee chair for a one year term
. (BL VII:1 and VII:3)
12.02 Records
a. Maintain written records of committee members, activities, correspondence,
procedures, goals, funds, and other items as needed.
b. Transfer all committee files to the new committee chair by September 1.
c. Annually, committee reports are transferred to the secretary for archiving.
12.03 Reports
a. Each committee shall be responsible to the board and shall make such reports as requested by the board
. In August, a written report, summarizing committee activities, shall be given to the board prior
to the combined board meeting. (BL VII:5)
b. Newsletter articles shall be given to the Editor on or before the deadline of each month.
c. Publicity information shall be given to the Publicity Committee as soon as possible.
12.04 Publications
a. One (1) hard and a digital copy of each flyer, brochure, advertisement, and packet, etc. issued by or
in the name of LLCGS should be given to the Archivist (include the date issued).
12.05 Finances
a. All funds received shall go to the Treasurer for deposit.
b. In May prepare and submit a proposed committee budget to the Treasurer.
c. Obtain prior board approval for all expenses in excess of the approved committee budget or expenses
for non-budgeted items.
d. Provide invoice receipts for reimbursement of board-approved expenses to the